Our mission is to shift the beneficiaries of art resales to include the artists themselves.

Recent technological advances are disrupting the art market and are on track to deliver tremendous value for collectors, investors, and auction houses.  So far, little has been done to ensure that these advances support artists themselves, who dedicate their lives to pursuing the infinite regardless of market prerogatives.    

FAIRPLAY is an artist-side organization that gives artists a fair stake in the art resale industry. We enable artists to demand equal treatment for creative product, in-line with the royalties afforded creatives in other industries such as music, film, television, and literature.

As a social benefit organization, we take this commitment one step further by enabling those who have found market success to help support those who have not, through the creation and support of programs providing essential services to artists — such as legal assistance and planning for end of life care.  

We empower artists to create without fear and distribute their work with confidence. That’s Fairplay.